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Manuals : web

The following manuals are divided by their target groups. You can find the information according to how you plan to use and what is your role in the whole process. Particularly for higher-level positions, it is recommended to get also acquainted with what your co-oworkers and clients need to know.

User Anyone who just wants to sign up and use
Administrator If will prepare a ready-installed deployment for use and oversee its operation.
Moderator If you will assist administrators in providing support to users and keeping the platform tidy.
Deployment Operator If you plan to use in a project or for your community.
System Administrator If you want to install on your own machine.

If you need a first overview, what this is about check out the About page or the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

Needless to say, these documents are a work in progress.


Administrator and Moderator

Deployment Operator

System Administrator : mobile

Installing the App

Using the App

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