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Lines in config.ini that start with a ; are comments.

Name Example Description
; PHP configuration “Europe/Prague” see
php.iconv.internal_encoding “%encoding%”
php.mbstring.internal_encoding “%encoding%”
php.include_path “%appDir%;%libsDir%;/usr/share/pear”
; variables
variable.PROJECT_NAME “Citizen Community”
variable.PROJECT_DESCRIPTION “We do this and that.”
variable.tempDir %appDir%/temp
variable.SESSION_NAME “MYCITIZEN_SID” The mobile app needs the default value “MYCITIZEN_SID”. It can be changed if you don't intend to use the app.
variable.sessionExpiration 1209600 seconds or string like “+ 12 days”, “+ 10 minutes”; 0 means until the user closes the browser (same when the user signs in with “Remember me” checked)
variable.URI "" the URL of your deployment
variable.CDN "" where images are served from; use absolute URL with protocol1); can be shared among deployments - logo.png always comes from variable.URI
variable.TC_URL "" link in the footer to your Terms and Conditions or Terms of Use or Acceptable Use Policy
variable.PP_URL "" link in the footer to your Privacy Policy
variable.SUPPORT_URL "" link in the footer where users find support
variable.GLOBAL_FILTER 1 0: off, 1: on; whether to synchronize the filters on the Users, Groups, and Resources page
variable.GRABZIT_KEY “abcABC123abcABCABC123=” If you wish to display thumbnails that were created from external websites (screenshots), you need to sign up for and get your personal Application Key and Application Secret.
variable.GRABZIT_SECRET “abc/ABC/123=” See above, “GRABZIT_KEY”
variable.GRABZIT_HTTPS 1 0: off, 1: on; whether to user SSL for the callback URL
variable.MAP_SUGGEST_DST 100 This is the approximate distance for the radius on the map if you use the “suggest” button so that the search will return items in this radius around the user.
variable.PIWIK_URL "" URL to a Piwik installation if you want to track visitors and display statistics in the backend
variable.PIWIK_ID 1 ID of that website in the Piwik installation
variable.PIWIK_TOKEN “123abc123abc” token of a user who can view statistics of that website (necessary for viewing stats on the back end)
variable.CRON_TOKEN “123abc123abc” token used for the cron
variable.SECURED 1 1: use https for pages where password is entered; 2: use https for all pages
variable.CHECK_STOP_FORUM_SPAM 1 0: off, 1: on; turn off for installation on an intranet without reliable connection to the Internet
variable.EXTERNAL_JS_CSS 0 0: load js and css from own deployment or CDN (use this for installation on an intranet without reliable connection to the Internet, 1: load js and css from external CDN, if available
variable.FACEBOOK_APP_ID 123451234512345 APP ID for Facebook login. Delete this line to disable.
variable.FACEBOOK_APP_SECRET abc123abc123abc123abc123abc APP Secret for Facebook login. Delete this line to disable.
; debug
debug.logDir %appDir%/log
debug.logEmail "[email protected]" Email address where runtime error notifications are sent in production mode. Only one email is sent. You then need to check the logDir (by default /nette_sources/log) for error logs. In order to receive new error notifications by email, you need to delete the file php_error.log.monitor.
debug.showErrors 1 debug mode on or off
debug.IPs “,” IPs that see error messages in debug mode; multiple are comma-separated
; database
database.driver mysqli localhost
service.Nette-Security-IAuthenticator UserAuthenticator
service.Nette-Loaders-RobotLoader.factory NConfigurator::createRobotLoader
;[] %wwwDir%[] %appDir%[] %libsDir% TRUE
const.LOG_DIRECTORY %appDir%/log/

Back End

Here you find those settings, that can be changed by administrators (without the need to access any code on the server).

Label Example Description
Address where system emails come from [email protected] No need to actually receive emails here.
GPS default latitude 16.8 The default position of the map. Try this tool to find the values.
GPS default longitude 96.15 The default position of the map. Try this tool to find the values.
Time (in days) before users are allowed to create groups and resources 7 This time lock or probation period2) prevents users from signing up to immediately post spam, and it encourages users to gain some experience and a reputation before they can contribute. The permission, once obtained, can always be overridden by revoking their rights on an individual base by admins or mods.
Time when maintenance mode begins (0 or timestamp or “in x minutes”) in 20 minutes 0: disabled. Any value like “in x minutes” will be converted to a timestamp (i.e. the time when the maintenance mode will start). For immediate effect, enter 1. Before the maintenance mode becomes active, users will see a message how much time is left and that they should finish their activities. While the maintenance mode is active, only admins can use the platform. If you accidentally locked yourself out, delete .maintenance.php from the web directory.
Question that needs to be answered for signup What is the last word of Citizen Kane? You can create a closed system by either giving invited members a secret invitation code, or you limit the group of persons by asking a questions that checks their knowledge.
Correct answer for signup Rosebud case-sensitive
Sign in disabled (0 or 1) 0 If you for some reasons don't want users to sign in. Does not apply to administrators and moderators. This doesn't terminate ongoing sessions. 1 = disabled
Sign up disabled (0 or 1) 0 If you want to prevent new sign ups. Can be helpful if your deployment is hit by fake user signups. 1 = disabled
http or https - otherwise images in emails won't be displayed correctly
The probation period doesn't apply to admins and mods who can always create groups and resources.
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