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Preplanning and Preparations

Installing a deployment requires not only IT work. There are some basic concepts that we recommend to make sure that you understand them before you roll up your sleeves.

There are some things that you should think about before you set up the platform:

  • Who will be the users? Is it an open platform (which will be difficult to maintain) or do you keep it limited to a certain group? In the latter case you will need entrance restrictions. Depending on your choice you will also want to write an intro text for first-time visitors.
  • Which tags will you need? Draft the first level (parent) and second level (child) tags before users start signing up.
  • How long should it take until you grant users the right to create their own groups and resources? Let them wait long enough to make sure they will understand what they are doing, but don't risk to stifle useful community engagement.
  • It may be useful to create some groups and resources before you launch the deployment so that new users will find it easier to figure out how it all works.


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