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The difference between administrators and moderators is that administrators can

  • appoint moderators
  • create tags
  • change basic settings
  • perform maintenance work

Otherwise, all permissions that apply to moderators also apply to administrators.

Extended Permissions

Moderators have extended permissions to edit or disable other items and can therefore provide user support. They also receive the reports that users have filed if they believe that someone or something violates the rules and they can react by sending a warning the user or disable him/her.

Naturally, moderators see all items, even if their visibility is restricted or if they are disabled. The only exception are other users' private messages.

Moderators are not restricted in their creation rights - both regarding the “deprivation of rights” by a moderator and the minimum time being registered.


One of the main tasks of moderators is to keep the platform tidy. Undesired content can be:

  • Offensive, aggressive, racist or very off-topic content
  • Spam or other content posted by robots
  • Overfilling the platform with huge amounts of data that make it difficult to use the platform.
  • Content that was mistakenly posted in a wrong category, duplicates, empty or unfinished items
  • Long-term stale content or inactive users

It is recommended that moderators apply the least-necessary measure, but also enforce a threshold of what is “beyond acceptable” so that their reaction will be predictable. Spam posted by robots or “professional spammers” and |deliberate offensive or destructive posts should be removed without getting entangled in discussions.

Users can be deprived of their rights to create groups or resources as a milder pre-stage to banning them. This makes it possible to let them continue using the system if they have flooded the network with groups and resources without bad intention.

Creation Rights

Users' creation rights are controlled by a “time lock” and by an optional revocation.

Normal users will earn the right to create groups and resources only after a delay of some days after signup during which they have not caused any issues. If during this time or afterwards it becomes clear that they should better not create own groups and resources, they can lose this right anytime on the discretion of the moderators independently from the “time lock”.


Since moderators cannot see everything, other users are able to report violations of the rules or other things that need to be fixed. Reports can be sent from detail pages and can be accompanied by explanations.

Reasons for reports are:

  • The item contains spam (posted by a robot or a human)
  • There is something wrong with the information of this item, or it shouldn't be here at all.
  • The content contains offensive content, or the user offends the rules of good conduct.

Moderators will be able to go through these reports1) and respond by sending a warning to the user or the owner of that item or by disabling him/her/it.

Notice Board

Moderators can post system-wide notifications2) that will be displayed in their activity streams.

File Uploads

Moderators are able to upload more file types. Some of them can be potentially harmful. It is therefore necessary that moderators are aware of the risk.

FIXME Possibly restrict extended upload rights to administrators.

1) , 2)
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