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Language Codes


Codes and their encoding that are commonly accepted by servers for use with Gettext.

aa_DJ.UTF-8 UTF-8
aa_DJ ISO-8859-1
aa_ER UTF-8
[email protected] UTF-8
aa_ET UTF-8
af_ZA.UTF-8 UTF-8
af_ZA ISO-8859-1
am_ET UTF-8
an_ES.UTF-8 UTF-8
an_ES ISO-8859-15
ar_AE.UTF-8 UTF-8
ar_AE ISO-8859-6
ar_BH.UTF-8 UTF-8
ar_BH ISO-8859-6
ar_DZ.UTF-8 UTF-8
ar_DZ ISO-8859-6
ar_EG.UTF-8 UTF-8
ar_EG ISO-8859-6
ar_IN UTF-8
ar_IQ.UTF-8 UTF-8
ar_IQ ISO-8859-6
ar_JO.UTF-8 UTF-8
ar_JO ISO-8859-6
ar_KW.UTF-8 UTF-8
ar_KW ISO-8859-6
ar_LB.UTF-8 UTF-8
ar_LB ISO-8859-6
ar_LY.UTF-8 UTF-8
ar_LY ISO-8859-6
ar_MA.UTF-8 UTF-8
ar_MA ISO-8859-6
ar_OM.UTF-8 UTF-8
ar_OM ISO-8859-6
ar_QA.UTF-8 UTF-8
ar_QA ISO-8859-6
ar_SA.UTF-8 UTF-8
ar_SA ISO-8859-6
ar_SD.UTF-8 UTF-8
ar_SD ISO-8859-6
ar_SY.UTF-8 UTF-8
ar_SY ISO-8859-6
ar_TN.UTF-8 UTF-8
ar_TN ISO-8859-6
ar_YE.UTF-8 UTF-8
ar_YE ISO-8859-6
az_AZ UTF-8
as_IN UTF-8
ast_ES.UTF-8 UTF-8
ast_ES ISO-8859-15
be_BY.UTF-8 UTF-8
be_BY CP1251
[email protected] UTF-8
bem_ZM UTF-8
ber_DZ UTF-8
ber_MA UTF-8
bg_BG.UTF-8 UTF-8
bg_BG CP1251
bho_IN UTF-8
bn_BD UTF-8
bn_IN UTF-8
bo_CN UTF-8
bo_IN UTF-8
br_FR.UTF-8 UTF-8
br_FR ISO-8859-1
[email protected] ISO-8859-15
brx_IN UTF-8
bs_BA.UTF-8 UTF-8
bs_BA ISO-8859-2
byn_ER UTF-8
ca_AD.UTF-8 UTF-8
ca_AD ISO-8859-15
ca_ES.UTF-8 UTF-8
ca_ES ISO-8859-1
[email protected] ISO-8859-15
ca_FR.UTF-8 UTF-8
ca_FR ISO-8859-15
ca_IT.UTF-8 UTF-8
ca_IT ISO-8859-15
crh_UA UTF-8
cs_CZ.UTF-8 UTF-8
cs_CZ ISO-8859-2
csb_PL UTF-8
cv_RU UTF-8
cy_GB.UTF-8 UTF-8
cy_GB ISO-8859-14
da_DK.UTF-8 UTF-8
da_DK ISO-8859-1
de_AT.UTF-8 UTF-8
de_AT ISO-8859-1
[email protected] ISO-8859-15
de_BE.UTF-8 UTF-8
de_BE ISO-8859-1
[email protected] ISO-8859-15
de_CH.UTF-8 UTF-8
de_CH ISO-8859-1
de_DE.UTF-8 UTF-8
de_DE ISO-8859-1
[email protected] ISO-8859-15
de_LU.UTF-8 UTF-8
de_LU ISO-8859-1
[email protected] ISO-8859-15
dv_MV UTF-8
dz_BT UTF-8
el_GR.UTF-8 UTF-8
el_GR ISO-8859-7
el_CY.UTF-8 UTF-8
el_CY ISO-8859-7
en_AG UTF-8
en_AU.UTF-8 UTF-8
en_AU ISO-8859-1
en_BW.UTF-8 UTF-8
en_BW ISO-8859-1
en_CA.UTF-8 UTF-8
en_CA ISO-8859-1
en_DK.UTF-8 UTF-8
en_DK ISO-8859-1
en_GB.UTF-8 UTF-8
en_GB ISO-8859-1
en_HK.UTF-8 UTF-8
en_HK ISO-8859-1
en_IE.UTF-8 UTF-8
en_IE ISO-8859-1
en_IE@euro ISO-8859-15
en_IN UTF-8
en_NG UTF-8
en_NZ.UTF-8 UTF-8
en_NZ ISO-8859-1
en_PH.UTF-8 UTF-8
en_PH ISO-8859-1
en_SG.UTF-8 UTF-8
en_SG ISO-8859-1
en_US.UTF-8 UTF-8
en_US ISO-8859-1
en_ZA.UTF-8 UTF-8
en_ZA ISO-8859-1
en_ZM UTF-8
en_ZW.UTF-8 UTF-8
en_ZW ISO-8859-1
es_AR.UTF-8 UTF-8
es_AR ISO-8859-1
es_BO.UTF-8 UTF-8
es_BO ISO-8859-1
es_CL.UTF-8 UTF-8
es_CL ISO-8859-1
es_CO.UTF-8 UTF-8
es_CO ISO-8859-1
es_CR.UTF-8 UTF-8
es_CR ISO-8859-1
es_CU UTF-8
es_DO.UTF-8 UTF-8
es_DO ISO-8859-1
es_EC.UTF-8 UTF-8
es_EC ISO-8859-1
es_ES.UTF-8 UTF-8
es_ES ISO-8859-1
[email protected] ISO-8859-15
es_GT.UTF-8 UTF-8
es_GT ISO-8859-1
es_HN.UTF-8 UTF-8
es_HN ISO-8859-1
es_MX.UTF-8 UTF-8
es_MX ISO-8859-1
es_NI.UTF-8 UTF-8
es_NI ISO-8859-1
es_PA.UTF-8 UTF-8
es_PA ISO-8859-1
es_PE.UTF-8 UTF-8
es_PE ISO-8859-1
es_PR.UTF-8 UTF-8
es_PR ISO-8859-1
es_PY.UTF-8 UTF-8
es_PY ISO-8859-1
es_SV.UTF-8 UTF-8
es_SV ISO-8859-1
es_US.UTF-8 UTF-8
es_US ISO-8859-1
es_UY.UTF-8 UTF-8
es_UY ISO-8859-1
es_VE.UTF-8 UTF-8
es_VE ISO-8859-1
et_EE.UTF-8 UTF-8
et_EE ISO-8859-1
et_EE.ISO-8859-15 ISO-8859-15
eu_ES.UTF-8 UTF-8
eu_ES ISO-8859-1
[email protected] ISO-8859-15
fa_IR UTF-8
ff_SN UTF-8
fi_FI.UTF-8 UTF-8
fi_FI ISO-8859-1
[email protected] ISO-8859-15
fil_PH UTF-8
fo_FO.UTF-8 UTF-8
fo_FO ISO-8859-1
fr_BE.UTF-8 UTF-8
fr_BE ISO-8859-1
[email protected] ISO-8859-15
fr_CA.UTF-8 UTF-8
fr_CA ISO-8859-1
fr_CH.UTF-8 UTF-8
fr_CH ISO-8859-1
fr_FR.UTF-8 UTF-8
fr_FR ISO-8859-1
[email protected] ISO-8859-15
fr_LU.UTF-8 UTF-8
fr_LU ISO-8859-1
[email protected] ISO-8859-15
fur_IT UTF-8
fy_NL UTF-8
fy_DE UTF-8
ga_IE.UTF-8 UTF-8
ga_IE ISO-8859-1
ga_IE@euro ISO-8859-15
gd_GB.UTF-8 UTF-8
gd_GB ISO-8859-15
gez_ER UTF-8
[email protected] UTF-8
gez_ET UTF-8
[email protected] UTF-8
gl_ES.UTF-8 UTF-8
gl_ES ISO-8859-1
[email protected] ISO-8859-15
gu_IN UTF-8
gv_GB.UTF-8 UTF-8
gv_GB ISO-8859-1
ha_NG UTF-8
he_IL.UTF-8 UTF-8
he_IL ISO-8859-8
hi_IN UTF-8
hne_IN UTF-8
hr_HR.UTF-8 UTF-8
hr_HR ISO-8859-2
hsb_DE ISO-8859-2
hsb_DE.UTF-8 UTF-8
ht_HT UTF-8
hu_HU.UTF-8 UTF-8
hu_HU ISO-8859-2
hy_AM UTF-8
id_ID.UTF-8 UTF-8
id_ID ISO-8859-1
ig_NG UTF-8
ik_CA UTF-8
is_IS.UTF-8 UTF-8
is_IS ISO-8859-1
it_CH.UTF-8 UTF-8
it_CH ISO-8859-1
it_IT.UTF-8 UTF-8
it_IT ISO-8859-1
[email protected] ISO-8859-15
iu_CA UTF-8
iw_IL.UTF-8 UTF-8
iw_IL ISO-8859-8
ja_JP.UTF-8 UTF-8
ka_GE.UTF-8 UTF-8
kk_KZ.UTF-8 UTF-8
kk_KZ PT154
kl_GL.UTF-8 UTF-8
kl_GL ISO-8859-1
km_KH UTF-8
kn_IN UTF-8
ko_KR.UTF-8 UTF-8
kok_IN UTF-8
ks_IN UTF-8
[email protected] UTF-8
ku_TR.UTF-8 UTF-8
ku_TR ISO-8859-9
kw_GB.UTF-8 UTF-8
kw_GB ISO-8859-1
ky_KG UTF-8
lb_LU UTF-8
lg_UG.UTF-8 UTF-8
lg_UG ISO-8859-10
li_BE UTF-8
li_NL UTF-8
lij_IT UTF-8
lo_LA UTF-8
lt_LT.UTF-8 UTF-8
lt_LT ISO-8859-13
lv_LV.UTF-8 UTF-8
lv_LV ISO-8859-13
mag_IN UTF-8
mai_IN UTF-8
mg_MG.UTF-8 UTF-8
mg_MG ISO-8859-15
mhr_RU UTF-8
mi_NZ.UTF-8 UTF-8
mi_NZ ISO-8859-13
mk_MK.UTF-8 UTF-8
mk_MK ISO-8859-5
ml_IN UTF-8
mn_MN UTF-8
mr_IN UTF-8
ms_MY.UTF-8 UTF-8
ms_MY ISO-8859-1
mt_MT.UTF-8 UTF-8
mt_MT ISO-8859-3
my_MM UTF-8
[email protected] UTF-8
nb_NO.UTF-8 UTF-8
nb_NO ISO-8859-1
nds_DE UTF-8
nds_NL UTF-8
ne_NP UTF-8
nl_AW UTF-8
nl_BE.UTF-8 UTF-8
nl_BE ISO-8859-1
[email protected] ISO-8859-15
nl_NL.UTF-8 UTF-8
nl_NL ISO-8859-1
[email protected] ISO-8859-15
nn_NO.UTF-8 UTF-8
nn_NO ISO-8859-1
nr_ZA UTF-8
nso_ZA UTF-8
oc_FR.UTF-8 UTF-8
oc_FR ISO-8859-1
om_ET UTF-8
om_KE.UTF-8 UTF-8
om_KE ISO-8859-1
or_IN UTF-8
os_RU UTF-8
pa_IN UTF-8
pa_PK UTF-8
pap_AN UTF-8
pl_PL.UTF-8 UTF-8
pl_PL ISO-8859-2
ps_AF UTF-8
pt_BR.UTF-8 UTF-8
pt_BR ISO-8859-1
pt_PT.UTF-8 UTF-8
pt_PT ISO-8859-1
[email protected] ISO-8859-15
ro_RO.UTF-8 UTF-8
ro_RO ISO-8859-2
ru_RU.UTF-8 UTF-8
ru_RU ISO-8859-5
ru_UA.UTF-8 UTF-8
ru_UA KOI8-U
rw_RW UTF-8
sa_IN UTF-8
sc_IT UTF-8
sd_IN UTF-8
[email protected] UTF-8
se_NO UTF-8
shs_CA UTF-8
si_LK UTF-8
sid_ET UTF-8
sk_SK.UTF-8 UTF-8
sk_SK ISO-8859-2
sl_SI.UTF-8 UTF-8
sl_SI ISO-8859-2
so_DJ.UTF-8 UTF-8
so_DJ ISO-8859-1
so_ET UTF-8
so_KE.UTF-8 UTF-8
so_KE ISO-8859-1
so_SO.UTF-8 UTF-8
so_SO ISO-8859-1
sq_AL.UTF-8 UTF-8
sq_AL ISO-8859-1
sq_MK UTF-8
sr_ME UTF-8
sr_RS UTF-8
[email protected] UTF-8
ss_ZA UTF-8
st_ZA.UTF-8 UTF-8
st_ZA ISO-8859-1
sv_FI.UTF-8 UTF-8
sv_FI ISO-8859-1
[email protected] ISO-8859-15
sv_SE.UTF-8 UTF-8
sv_SE ISO-8859-1
sw_KE UTF-8
sw_TZ UTF-8
ta_IN UTF-8
ta_LK UTF-8
te_IN UTF-8
tg_TJ.UTF-8 UTF-8
tg_TJ KOI8-T
th_TH.UTF-8 UTF-8
th_TH TIS-620
ti_ER UTF-8
ti_ET UTF-8
tig_ER UTF-8
tk_TM UTF-8
tl_PH.UTF-8 UTF-8
tl_PH ISO-8859-1
tn_ZA UTF-8
tr_CY.UTF-8 UTF-8
tr_CY ISO-8859-9
tr_TR.UTF-8 UTF-8
tr_TR ISO-8859-9
ts_ZA UTF-8
tt_RU UTF-8
[email protected] UTF-8
ug_CN UTF-8
uk_UA.UTF-8 UTF-8
uk_UA KOI8-U
unm_US UTF-8
ur_IN UTF-8
ur_PK UTF-8
uz_UZ ISO-8859-1
[email protected] UTF-8
ve_ZA UTF-8
vi_VN UTF-8
wa_BE ISO-8859-1
[email protected] ISO-8859-15
wa_BE.UTF-8 UTF-8
wae_CH UTF-8
wal_ET UTF-8
wo_SN UTF-8
xh_ZA.UTF-8 UTF-8
xh_ZA ISO-8859-1
yi_US.UTF-8 UTF-8
yi_US CP1255
yo_NG UTF-8
yue_HK UTF-8
zh_CN.GB18030 GB18030
zh_CN.UTF-8 UTF-8
zh_CN GB2312
zh_HK.UTF-8 UTF-8
zh_SG.UTF-8 UTF-8
zh_SG GB2312
zh_TW.UTF-8 UTF-8
zh_TW BIG5
zu_ZA.UTF-8 UTF-8
zu_ZA ISO-8859-1
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