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Crash Course for : web

Please watch also the screencasts.

First steps

  1. Sign up with a username and your email address. You will have to confirm by clicking on a link that will come to your mailbox. After confirmation you can log in.
  2. Fill in some personal information and select one or more tags. Tags describe your personal interests or activities. If you like, you can select the place where you are.
  3. Don't forget to select your visibiliy: Can the whole Internet see you? Or only people who are members of Or only your friends?
  4. That's all! Don't forget to save your settings. You are now all set for using

Finding what you need

Search is done through filters. Filters let you narrow down a lists according to your search. On the home screen, you find the filters hidden under the link “Filters”. You can filter by

  • words that are part of the name
  • tags that describe a topic
  • the location (open the map, click to set the centre and click again for the search radius)
  • and others

Join a group

Groups are formed around interests or activities. You can join groups, and after sufficient time of membership you can create your own. Groups can be based in particular towns, or they just exist as informal network of people.

Check out the resources

For your activities you will need all kind of information: videos, links to websites, descriptions of organizations that can help you, texts of laws. These are called resources. As user you can subscribe to resources and, after some time, create your own.

Get more help

Find more detailed instructions in the user instructions or visit our support forum.

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