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This web site is currently not being actively maintained. We might revive this project (possibly in a modified form) in future. Thank you for your support!

You can still find us on .

Social Networking for Civil Society is a free platform for local communities to support citizen engagement.

With you can

  • Find people with similar interests and problems
  • Be stronger in a group
  • Plan activities together
  • Make your voice heard
  • Share important information
  • Exercise your rights safely
  • Get connected where the Internet is slow was designed for the particular needs of civil society in developing countries and for countries in transition.

Please continue below, or learn more about

If you can spare some minutes, please help us by filling the survey: is still under development and available for testing as a beta version.

Read our blog, stay tuned on twitter Twitter, follow us on facebook Facebook, or ask a question on the forum.

I want to use in Myanmar »

This is our pilot and flagship deployment. For people in and from Myanmar (Burma). is not only for Myanmar.
Why not use it for your own community? Myanmar

We will offer hosted deployments at

I need as a web platform »

You prefer to roll your own deployment? Everything you need will be released as free Open Source for self-hosting.

I want to use on my smartphone »

A mobile app will be available to connect to any deployment - hosted or self-hosted. Stay online anywhere and with any network quality.

This project by Burma Center Prague is supported from the resources of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic within its Transition Promotion Program.

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