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Get Involved


If you are able to translate from English to languages of regions where the platform can be useful, we would appreciate your help with localization. :-) Please see the list of available languages.

The translation can be done online:

Please post a note on the forum or write to and let us know, which language you want to add.

Development and Testing

We appreciate the help of technically skilled or not-so-skilled persons to

  • help us plan new features and improve the software
  • test new versions before they are released
  • use the latest version and provide us with feedback

If you are interested please post a note on the forum or write to


Particularly if you are working with local communities or in a network of similar-minded persons or organizations, you can help us by considering the use of There are many fields and regions in the world where civil society is facing similar conditions like ethnic groups in Myanmar/Burma and where users need your help to get started.

Receive Updates

Please susbcribe to our blog, follow us on Twitter or like us on Facebook if you wish to be updated.

Other Communities

We are also interested in cooperation with organizations and grassroots groups from Myanmar and other countries where can be helpful. Please let us know on our forum or write to to find out how we can cooperate!

Find more information about the schedule on the roadmap.

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