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Changelog (Mobile)


7 December 2014


  • Improved layout of chat and filter
  • Added Up button to most child activities
  • Long lists only loaded in chunks with “load more” request
  • Limited amount of requests to API to determine the connection quality.
  • More meaningful messages if list is empty or items are not accessible
  • Links from User and Resource detail pages open by tapping on the avatar or icon.
  • Tapping on avatars in the message views takes you to the authors.
  • The slider to increase the radius on the “filter by location” map is now more sensitive for smaller distances.
  • YouTube videos can be played directly in the app.
  • Tags have been moved into a pull-down menu to give more space for the description.
  • Lists of Users, Groups and Resources reveal now whether you are connected (friend, member or subscriber).
  • Lists of Users reveal whether the user is online.
  • Experimental: Saving avatars for offline use.
  • Data fetched from network only once in x minutes
  • Languages used for items and in filter fetched from deployment
  • List of friends available from user detail
  • Information about items on widget and detail view
  • Buttons to connections, map and messages on detail view moved to main window
  • Filtering by location can now be set by a radius around the own location when network quality is low
  • Basic animation of swipe on widget
  • Lists of users, groups and resources not rebuild if displayed information sufficiently fresh
  • Pending friendship requests now with message on detail page
  • Restricted caching of images to max number
  • Clarified different user roles if displayed as member or subscriber (group or resource admins/mods)
  • Update check on Dashboard with link to download, if available
  • Recent Activities; accessible from Dashboard, grouped into today, yesterday, week and month

Solved Issues

  • User connection status not saved in database.
  • User languages not saved in database and therefore not available for offline filtering.
  • Impossible to remove own position on map
  • Offline filtering not working in several scenarios
  • Offline data often not displaying correct information
  • Language filter switches back to English
  • (Un)subscribing didn't invalidate cache
  • Friendship request doesn't reveal sender


10 October 2014

The changelog is maintained since handover from the developer and continuing the development in-house.

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