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Changelog (Base)


16 September 2014


  • Caching of lists served by API
  • API now supports ISO language codes
  • Keyboard shortcut to hide items on Browse Resources view
  • Option to log all API requests
  • Option to log processing time
  • Various speed improvements (database requests, compiling activities, reduced data from API for mobile apk)
  • You can now invite your friends to a group.
  • Animated screenshots from Youtube videos

Solved Issues

  • API revealed some information of hidden items
  • Caching did not consider various viewing permissions
  • Fixed broken manual image cache recreation
  • Fixed redeclaration of function translate_array
  • Fixed inconsistent pager
  • On multi-site installations wrong logo shown
  • Online status of users displayed after too long time
  • Icons in emails not showing
  • Incorrect URLs in concatenated css scripts
  • Accepting friendship request in inbox did not trash that message
  • Chat indicator bar did not update if message was marked (un)read or (un)trashed
  • sign-in and sign-up forms displayed ajax wheel without end
  • smilies not served from CDN
  • wrong permission check for joining groups


  • PHPMailer 5.2.8
  • HTML Purifier 4.6.0
  • 2.2.0


19 July 2014


  • Security: Repeated failed login attempts lead to temporary blocking of IP address (at signin, signup, lost password).
  • Performance: Automatically combining multiple js and css files in one file.
  • Activity reports sent by email to moderators and administrators contain now also new users/groups/resources (which makes it easier for them to keep track of any changes that might need their interaction).
  • List of users shows now who is a moderator and who an administrator
  • Turning chat window on or off is now driven by Ajax
  • Prepared API to serve low-quality avatars on slow connections

Solved Issues

  • Fixed: Activity overview on home page conflicted with activity overlay from header.
  • Fixed: Reply function broken on Messages page (Scroll target missing under certain conditions).
  • Fixed: Using filter on homepage (when logged in) left filter window without controls.
  • Fixed: Captcha image now stored locally, not on CDN.
  • Fixed: User role and online status revealed to guests
  • Fixed: On default pages selected item not cleared when submitting filter through Ajax
  • Fixed: Emails not sent on exceptions
  • Fixed: Wrong directory for error logs on multi-site installations
  • Fixed: Faulty permission check when (un)subscribing to resource


  • Updated: Grabzit (to version 2.1.5)


26 May 2014


  • Ajax implemented for Filter
  • Progress bar if loading of page takes longer than 2 seconds
  • Page to browse resources by tags, hide items
  • Using Cloudflare: Checking IPs now checks list of Cloudflare's IPs

Solved Issues

  • Fixed: Duplicate-check of messages gave false positive with same message at new recipient!
  • Fixed: Conflict of chat overlay with other chats, and rather nonsense to have simultaneously two chats open: Closing chat in main window when opening overlay chat.
  • Fixed: Back button of browser not effective on Ajax-loded pages. (workaround for URL changes)
  • Fixed: Caching of home page disregarded language
  • Fixed: Cache for reports not deleted upon deletion
  • Fixed: Improved permission checks for various actions.
  • Fixed: Link to change forgotten password.
  • Fixed: wrong language parameter in links of emails about recent activity


  • Added: Tag-it
  • Updated: jQuery UI


12 May 2014


  • Email notifications from HTML template with plain text variant
  • Some common smileys get converted into images
  • Group chat includes messages about added or removed users or resources
  • Email notifications about recent activity (frequency customizable)
  • “Ajaxification”: Changed page content is being updated without the need to reload the page, for increased speed and reduced data transfer.
  • Optional “sidebar” chat.

Solved Issues

  • Fixed: Exposing group or user hash to connected users
  • Fixed: Screenshot on resource detail page not always opening in lightbox


  • added: PHPmailer 5.2.7


3 May 2014


  • Added check if identical chat message has been posted by the same user less than 5 minutes ago to prevent duplicates due to very slow networks and, if affirmative, discards later message.
  • Experimental support of @ and # in resource HTML and in messages (@ followed by number will link to element with that ID, followed by word links to search; @ for users, @@ for groups and @@@ for resources; # followed by word searches for tag; in call cases must spaces be converted to underscore)
  • Improved search for Users' names (concatenated first and last name, dismissed spaces)
  • More reliable and fine-grained caching, including now also lists in chats.
  • Ask for confirmation when leaving a page with unsaved or unsent text in the editor
  • Renaming files in file browser
  • Criteria used for filtering remains visible above the lists when browsing

Solved Issues

  • Fixed: under certain circumstances missing entry in activity log for own activities
  • Fixed: Edit resource excessively defaulted resource type to “other”
  • Fixed: error creating relative time for online status
  • Fixed: another error message for corrupted images due to wrong uploads from mobile app
  • Removed reply button in list of private messages if sender has stopped being a friend
  • Fixed wrong confirmation link in email
  • Fixed captcha returning for mobile sign-ups
  • Fixed: status information loading even if not needed
  • Improved message page with no default recipient to prevent accidental sending to first person in list
  • Fixed wrong URL for saving thumbnails when accessed from API
  • Fixed possible deletion of wrong file in file browser
  • Fixed: Previous item visible on User/Group/Resource default pages after applying filter, even if this item doesn't match the filter.
  • Fixed: missing path to caching directory for REST server
  • Fixed: photos from mobile app were cropped


23 April 2014


  • Links in short descriptions automatically identified and made clickable
  • Faster loading of online status and unread messages in the background
  • Ready for easy multi-site installations with shared code base
  • Small static Google map on default pages of users, groups and resources
  • Added possibility to filter own connections on the home screen
  • Added option to show in the activity stream any new user, group or resource (if their permissions allow)
  • Added option for additional tabs on home screen
  • Added option to remove screenshots from resources
  • Better indication of deactivated users in lists
  • Upload in messages and resources extended to usual office documents (pdf, doc, odt, ppt, …)
  • Added option to transfer ownership of groups and resources
  • Notification on home page for deployment administrators and moderators if there are pending reports
  • Added “notice board”: Administrators and moderators can now send messages to all users that show up in their activity streams

Solved Issues

  • Fixed: Caching prevented proper building of recommendations on home screen
  • Fixed: “Last seen” not displayed on User Default pages
  • Fixed: Marking messages as read always removed them from view, even if “unread” tab not active
  • Fixed: Relevant cache not always invalidated if group(s) (un)subscribed to/from resource
  • Fixed: Wrong Avatar data (caused by mobile app) led to error messages
  • Fixed: HTML Purifier removed “target” attributes from links.
  • Fixed: Insufficient permission check for some admin pages


  • qtip updated to v2.2.0
  • HTML Purifier updated to v4.6.0


3 April 2014


  • list of friends now visible on friends' detail pages
  • better presentation of upper level of tags on detail pages
  • see online status and time when last seen of friends (ajax)
  • own connections on home screen now sorted by their last activity (freshest on top)
  • enabled security question for registrations via mobile
  • cron: better handling of email notifications
  • cron: adding time stamp
  • recommendations on home screen now composed in 3 steps until a satisfactory quantity of results is returned: 1. tight radius around own position, 2. wider radius around own position, 3. disregarding own position

Solved Issues

  • fixed pager redirect on user detail friend lister
  • fixed scroll-down menu kept on processing queued animations when mouse pointer was already out
  • fixed scrolling up to wrong target in chats when clicked on reply
  • fixed unchanged user lists after joining or leaving group and subscribing or unsubscribing to resource (invalidating cache)
  • fixed some menu options not translatable


18 March 2014


  • Updating locales in back end includes now name or code changes.
  • Simplified the procedure of adding tags on create/edit pages, now keeping the overlay open while adding tags.
  • Group chat: new messages are now submitted without leaving the page
  • Messages: optional “target” attribute for links
  • Resizing and cropping avatars (user and group): oversized images now remain in boundaries of web page

Solved Issues

  • senseless frame on User edit profile page when need to resize Avatar
  • replying to PM needs to mark message unread (bug introduced with recent changes)
  • replying to PM: cursor should be above the quote when replying
  • after uploading avatar, before resizing: largest size avatar link was broken (tried to load from cache where it has not been yet written)
  • cache not disabled for private messages on User detail pages
  • broken deletion of messages from group chat (bug introduced with recent changes)
  • showing replied-to message broken for messages after friendship has been canceled (no text editor)
  • chat: wrong data format
  • chat: message list cropped
  • chat: re-loading even if unchanged for servers behind Cloudflare
  • duplicate activity logs about friendship requests and replies
  • max-width now applied to images in messages
  • parameters for placeholders in translation strings not forwarded
  • emails sent by cron not in recipients' languages
  • deleting system messages about friendship requests not possible due to wrong permission check
  • removed reply button on confirmation of friendship request since new friend not yet in recipient list
  • searching for name in message lists did not consider recipients' names when performing search on server
  • improved work of reset button at message search: after search on server, reset immediately refetches whole list from server instead of filtering first list on client browser without visible change


11 March 2014

Solved Issues

  • wrong links preventing screenshots and avatars to be served
  • missing changes of code in create resource template to launch ckeditor
  • callback URL for screenshot API not working for installations in subfolder


2 March 2014


  • changed WYSIWYG editor to ckeditor - embedding videos and more
  • home-grown image uploader and gallery for the WYSIWYG editor
  • enhanced home page with all important information front and center, namely:
    • own connections (as before)
    • automatically compiled list of recommendations - no need to go through the filter dialog
    • recent activity (same as in overlay)
    • calendar: view own and subscribed events; modify time and duration of own events by drag and drop; create events by click on a day
  • improved events: end date, full-day events
  • option to dynamically import external calendars from Google
  • improved display of events (start and end time, alert)
  • change of how creation permissions are handled, due to the necessity to create own events: users without permissions can create private resources (visibility “subscribed”)
  • duration how long flash messages (notifications that disappear after some seconds) are displayed can now be customized; useful for slow networks where you easily may miss the message, or for users who need more time to read
  • caching of lists on file server for better performance and reduced load of database
  • added (i.e. re-introduced earlier experiment with fixed bugs) option to synchronize filter between Users, Groups and Resource listings
  • removed existing own connections from recommendations
  • hiding “unread” tabs in message views if there are no unread messages
  • improved layout of edit screens, consistent with underlying logics
  • import and display platform-wide events from Google Calendar for all users
  • updated HTMLPurifier to version 4.3.3
  • first beta version of installation script

Solved Issues

  • bug prevented items to display in lists for languages with id>2
  • bug introduced in last version that prevented hash to be sent in confirmation emails
  • wrong calculation of creation permissions if signup date long ago before confirmation of account
  • not all types of private messages were counted
  • under some circumstances “unread” tab in message view was active while no messages were unread
  • bug in reducing similar items for the same day on the activity list
  • removed filter icon for empty search results (overlay window didn't trigger map to display, and also rather unnecessary)
  • bug preventing Facebook login if authentication got lost during filling the captcha
  • improved handling of changing email address: new address needs to be confirmed by link, notification goes to old address (in case the change is not actually authorized)
  • wrong “sign up” link on “sign in” page
  • links broken for installations in subdirectories

Known Issues

  • FullCalendar has a problem with time zones (only relevant if the time zone of events and your own time zone are different). This will be fixed in their next version.


10 February 2014


  • Optional Facebook login (retrieving avatar, location, name and email)
  • Much improved administration of tags: Possibility to order tags (move up or down) and display child tags sorted under parent tags.
  • Respond to friendship requests in the message
  • Deleting a message marks it as read
  • Canceling friendship now requires confirmation in a pop-up dialog
  • Current language of interface used as user language during sign up
  • Option to turn off checks at (particularly for intranet installations)
  • Improved search on Group Chat (now able to search the entire list beyond the first page)
  • Keeping language setting over sessions with optional ?language=id query parameter (for email notifications and logging out)
  • Log out and edit profile buttons now by default hidden behind a slider to create more space (particularly for admins and mods with one more menu option)
  • Moved Admin menu to other menus (visible only to users with permissions admin or mod)
  • Added to user menu “Recent Activity” that opens an overlay with important activities, loaded in chunks by timeframes
  • Localization now entirely with Nette's “Gettext Translator” and therefore PHP gettext-independent. Folders with .po files can therefore have any name.
  • Localization of software and tags separated.

Solved Issues

  • If Cloudflare was used, then the check against Stopforumspam returned an IP address of Cloudflare and led to false positives.
  • Banning user, group or resource now disables group memberships and resource subscriptions.


The changelog is maintained only since version 0.3.1.

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